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Sycamore Tree Childcare is committed to fostering a meaningful learning environment for your child.

In the simplest terms, Sycamore Tree Christian Child Care center provides educational child care. But our commitment to children doesn’t stop there. We are passionate about providing your children with the Christian values showing them the tools they need to be successful in all aspects of their lives. Sycamore Tree Christian Childcare combines our learning curriculum with a safe, stimulating environment to create meaningful experiences for your child every day. We are proud to be accredited through the National Accreditation Commission and a 5 Star YoungStar Rating!

STMissionOur Philosophy here at Sycamore Tree Christian Child Care

Sycamore Tree Christian Child Care Center believes that our program and services offer developmentally appropriate curriculum and we strive to enhance social, emotional, physical and intellectual growth in young children. Our program fosters Christian values, curiosity, creativity and self-esteem by taking into account children’s abilities and interests. Child initiated and teacher supported play is an essential component of our program.

Safety and Security are of critical importance to us.

The safety of your child is very important to you and it’s important to us. Because of this, our entrance door is securely locked using the proCare Security system.  This system allows only parents and authorized pick up people to use their fingerprint identification to get inside Sycamore Tree Christian Childcare Center. Video security cameras are placed in the classrooms as well as all of the entryways.

Our child to staff ratios are as follows:

  • Infants – 2 years old – 4:1
  • 2 year olds – 6:1
  • 2 1/2 year olds – 8:1
  • 3 year olds – 10:1
  • 4 year olds – 13:1
  • 5 year olds – 17:1
  • 6 – 12 years old – 18:1

Accreditation of Sycamore Tree Childcare Center as a state licensed facility and a 5 star on the YoungStar rating scale!

Sycamore Tree Childcare Center is licensed in the state of Wisconsin for a maximum of 190 children. Currently we are 5 star on the YoungStar rating scale.

YoungStarLOGOWhat is YoungStar rating scale?

YoungStar is a program of the Department of Children and Families created to improve the quality of child care for Wisconsin children. YoungStar:

  • Evaluates and rates the quality of care given by child care providers
  • Helps parents choose the best child care for their kids
  • Supports providers with tools and training to deliver high quality early care
  • Sets a consistent standard for child care quality

ChristianValuesSTOur history is deeply rooted in a rich Christian foundation.

The Sycamore Tree is a Christian-based child care center. We believe that all children are unique and worthy of love and respect. Bible stories and prayers before meals along with our annual Christmas Celebration are a few of the ways in which Christian values are incorporated into our curriculum. While we are faith-based, no child will be denied care based upon a differing religious background or belief. We believe each child is a unique individual, and therefore programs are designed to enhance and develop each child’s social, emotional, intellectual, and physical developmental needs. We believe children are happy and secure when they have plenty of opportunities to succeed each day. Success breeds self-confidence and self-confident children approach learning as fun and actively search for information and solutions to problems. As a result, they develop into well-rounded, capable adults. Much of what we do with children is designed to facilitate the development of self-confidence. The environment will appeal to their curiosity, promote understanding and respect for each child’s developmental timeline.

Daily activities at Sycamore Tree

Daily activities will include a minimum of direct instructions, focus on individual learning, and offer both free choice and quiet time. In each age group, the center will provide opportunities for children to have experiences which allow the child to progress at their own rate.

These daily activities include:

  • Active and quiet activities
  • Outdoor and indoor activities
  • Individual and group activities
  • Free and structured activities
  • Protection from excess fatigue
  • Consideration of other cultural backgrounds

Developmental level of children and room assignments

Each child is assigned to a classroom depending on age and developmental level. A specific curriculum has been designed for each age and developmental level. Detailed information about the day’s activities are posted each day on the classroom parent board.


Getting outdoors

Outdoor activity is important for the health and development of all children. The Sycamore Tree has two fully fenced playground areas for all children to enjoy. Our outdoor play areas are designed with equipment that is age appropriate and includes areas where children can play alone or with a friend. The play ares incorporate a variety of natural and manufactured services, and areas with natural materials such as non-poisonous plants and trees. All children, including infants should come to Sycamore Tree ready to spend time outdoors everyday, except when the windchill is 30 degrees or less, or the heat index is greater than 90 degrees, or other inclement weather such as ozone alert days, lightening, thunder.

Take a Virtual Tour

To schedule a visit, please contact us via phone at (262) 673-0161. If you want to see our school right now, here’s a virtual tour. Questions can be submitted via email or via this form on our contact page. To learn more about enrollment and tuition, please visit our Enrollment section and read our frequently asked questions.