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Frequently Asked Questions for Sycamore Tree

We get asked these questions often and we want to share them with you. If there’s a question here that you have, please contact us and we’ll get it answered for you.

Can I get help paying for child care?

Sycamore Tree accepts WI Shares Child Care Subsidy Program for child care payment.

In general, families are eligible for financial assistance if they meet the state’s low income guidelines and need child care to work, look for work, or attend employment training. Your county Department of Social Services determines family eligibility based on income, reasons for needing day care, and your child’s age and individual needs.

Childcare enrollment is based on classroom availability.

Here’s more information on WI Shares Child Care Subsidy Program.

To set up WI Shares assistance call, telephone: (608) 267-3905.

Current tuition rates.

How do I hold my child’s spot for the program?

A holding/registration fee of $75 must be paid to hold your child’s spot in the program and the Pre-Enrollment Application must be filled out and sent to Sycamore Tree. Drop off, mail or email to:

310 N Wilson Ave, Hartford, WI 53027‎

Why do I have to pay the Friday or Monday BEFORE care is provided; shouldn’t you pay for something after you get it, not before?

It is a common practice to pay for things before you use them. We do this with books, groceries, gasoline, and other things. Daycare centers are engaging the professional services of a business, not a babysitter. In this field of work, the incidence of parents who forget or neglect to pay on time is very high. Paying on time and in the manner agreed upon is a real sign of respect for your childcare provider.

How often to the children get to play outside?

Weather permitting – the children go outside daily for walks, to play on the playground, or both! Please dress your child appropriately.

Infants and toddlers: Temperate must be above 30 degrees (with wind chill) and under 90 (including humidity)

Two and a half year olds – 12 year olds: Temperature must be above 20 degrees (with wind chill) and under 90 (with humidity)

How are parents kept informed about their child’s progress?

Written daily sheets are sent home each day with pertinent information from the day. Daily sheets may include: activities and projects, your child’s mood, how the ate, how they slept, things needed to bring to daycare.

Verbal communication with parents on a daily basis at drop off and pick up times.

Sycamore Tree does two evaluations per year (or more if requested by parents) and offers a parent conference each time. Portfolios are an on-going process completed by the classroom teachers. Parents are welcome to schedule a teacher meeting any time they want to speak about their child, or any issue in their child’s classroom.

Can Sycamore Tree administer medication to my child?

Yes. Sycamore Tree staff can administer medication as long as the parent fills out a state form to authorize the medication being administered (found in the office or your child’s classroom).  The medicine cannot be expired and must have the correct label and the dosage given cannot exceed what is printed on the label. We may require a copy of the prescription or a doctor’s note.

Do parents have to volunteer their time at the center?

No, but they may visit their child’s classroom at any time. We have an open-door policy for parents.

Is there any discounts or vacation days that can be used?

There is a sibling discount if both children are under four. Discounts are based off of 4-Day or 5-Day enrollment.

Each child (infants through fours) receive vacation/sick “Vouchers’’ that may be used for tuition reimbursement; terms and conditions upon enrollment.

School-Age children receive one “free” vacation week in the summer that may be used only in a week increment; notified to the office at the start of the summer program.

To schedule a visit, please contact us via phone at (262) 673-0161. If you want to see our school right now, here’s a virtual tour. Questions can be submitted via email or via this form on our contact page.